What is the difference between StreamSettle Vault and StreamSettle Bridge?

Each time you create a claim, you will choose the comparison method: StreamSettle Vault or StreamSettle Bridge. Like all of the other claim details, both users must agree on the same comparison method prior to being able to stream an offer or demand.

These are the main differences between the two comparison modes:

StreamSettle Vault most secure
StreamSettle Bridge very secure
Most secure
Very secure
Ease of use
Entirely depends on the pace of the users. Because at least one user will likely need to return to the platform while the comparison is taking place, the process can be delayed depending on how long the user waits to do so.
Immediate comparison and results after both parties stream values
Who can see the amount I stream as my offer or demand?
Only you.
Realistically, only you will have access to the amounts you stream. But it is technically possible for StreamSettle's software engineers to access any amounts streamed in Bridge mode. StreamSettle's strict data privacy policy, however, only allows access to this information if necessary and with your express consent on a case-by-case basis. And there is no foreseeable reason that StreamSettle will ever need to access such, so even StreamSettle team members with admin privileges cannot see any amounts streamed in Bridge mode.

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